BG’s Cafe 45th Anniversary

Two booths in the back of BG’s Cafe were taken, as they usually are, by a dedicated group of locals.

“You can find this in any town,” said Chuck Covarrubias, founder of Oxnard­based Alert Management Company and a regular at
BG’s. “It’s the same in any town. You can spot them.”

His group  —  a mix  of real estate, insurance and  construction  professionals along  with the occasional politician  —  has been
meeting for coffee and conversation at BG’s since 1971.

“A lot of business has been done here in these two booths over the years,” he said.

The Oxnard restaurant, started by Bill and Gloria Stuart, celebrated its 45th anniversary this year — a landmark in a downtown
that has seen restaurants and storefronts come and go for decades.

“We were pretty worried when they said they sold the business,” Covarrubias said. “We weren’t sure if it was going to work or

The diner’s regulars were the reason current owners Jose and Veronica Rodriguez decided to acquire BG’s in 2004, a year after
they got married.

“They had  a very good base of clientele that had been  coming here for many, many years,” Veronica Rodriguez said. “We just
thought it was really worth preserving. This is a really unique place.”…

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By Marissa Nall, Pacific Coast Business Times