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Board and Staff

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Executive Board

Juan Gonzalez, Chairman
Law Offices of Richard Francis
Appointed July 2012 

Carlos P. Rodriguez, Vice Chairman
La Central Bakery
Appointed July 2015 

Kim Recharte, Treasurer
Gold Coast Insurance Agency
Appointed June 2012 

Vince Behrens, Secretary
American Drive-In Cleaners
Appointed June 2014

Osbaldo Lopez
Casa Lopez
Appointed June 2016


Fernando Garcia
El Miramar Restaurant
Appointed June 2015

Tom Garcia
Tomas Cafe
Appointed June 2012

Janie Lai
Janie Lai Architects
Appointed June 2012

Paul Montgomery
La Fonda del Rey Restuarant
Appointed June 2015

Oscar Madriga
City of Oxnard
City Council Appointment

Alex Rey Rivera
Corner Pocket Billiards
Appointed June 2016

Mike Sanchez
Coastal Architects
Appointed June 2012

City Liaison

Kymberly Horner
City of Oxnard


Senior Officer Kathleen Sullivan
Oxnard Police Department

Joshua Travers
Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau


Abel Ramírez Magaña is the Executive Director of the Oxnard Downtown Management District (ODID). He is responsible for overseeing the annual district work plan including delivery of core services – clean and safe programs, business recruitment and retention, advocacy and government relations.

Katheryn Solorio is the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the Oxnard Downtown Management District (ODID).

Hector Diaz leads the District Safety Program. Officer Diaz is responsible for managing a team of 4 full- and part-time officers dedicated to patrolling the district daily and providing support services to the City of Oxnard’s Police Officers and serve as ambassadors to visitors to Downtown Oxnard. (805) 422-2020

Jesus Vasquez is the Operations Manager for our Clean Team. He oversees a team dedicated to providing enhancement services beyond the baseline to the City of Oxnard’s Townskeeper Program, Parks and Facilities. Using state of the art bio-degradable detergents, water-recapture techniques, double filtration systems and optimal cleaning equipment; the Team reponds 6 days a week to special requests. Morning schedule includes litter removal, sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, shopping cart pickup, weed abatement, flyer/sticker removal and serving as ambassadors to visitors to Downtown Oxnard. (805) 890-3984