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About Us


Mission Statement

The Oxnard Downtown Improvement District (ODID) is a dynamic, non-profit corporation dedicated to making downtown Oxnard a great place to live, work and play.  As the leading advocate for downtown, we work in partnership with business and government to identify needs, develop strategies, shape public policy and implement programs to strengthen the economic vitality of downtown Oxnard and its role as the historic and cultural heart of the community.

Who we are

The ODID is a private non-profit organization operating on behalf of the property owners of Downtown Oxnard Improvement District (BID). The Board of Directors includes volunteer representatives from: City Hall, the Police Department, Business Owners, Property Owners, and Advisory Members from leading advocacy groups. It is dedicated to economic and community development of the downtown area; through management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, and beautification.

What is a BID

BIDs are self-assessment areas established and managed by, business and commercial, property owners to provide enhanced services above and beyond what the City of Oxnard provides. The Oxnard Property Based Improvement District (PBID), was established by Downtown Oxnard property owners in 2001. The BIDs are legally established by State of California legislation and approved by the Oxnard City Council.


ODID is not a membership based organization. You are a stakeholder of a BID by virtue of the location of your business or commercial property. Please click the link below to see the map illustrating the PBID boundaries.

2015 ODID Map

How are membership fees assessed?

Fees & Management